10 tips on taking care of your new tattoo

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10 tips on taking care of your new tattoo

Just got a new tattoo? Read our 10 tips for taking care of your new tattoo.

How to take care of tattoo?

A new tattoo is always exciting and fun! But before we can talk about the perfect tattoo, you need to make sure it recovers nicely. After all, a new tattoo is an open wound and is therefore painful in the first weeks and very susceptible to infections. Here are 10 important tips for the aftercare of your tattoo.


1. A good start is half the battle!

Taking care of a new tattoo already starts with good preparation. It is important to get your skin in optimal condition before tattooing. After all, skin that is well hydrated offers 2 major advantages. On the one hand, it is much easier for the tattoo artist to work with. After all, dry skin is difficult to tattoo. And on the other hand, it is also much more comfortable for yourself. So start applying Carl & Johan Bodymilk 4 weeks before getting a new tattoo. It moisturises the skin and ensures that ink pigments are absorbed better and more easily. 


2. Follow the tattoo artist's advice

Your tattoo artist will wrap the tattoo in a foil that you should leave on for a few hours. The tattoo artist will tell you when you can remove it. After that, do not cover the tattoo again. It needs to breathe to recover!


3. Keep the wound clean

A new tattoo is an open wound and therefore sensitive to infections. Therefore clean the tattoo twice a day with pH-neutral soap. Splash the tattoo with lukewarm water, apply C&J Purifying Soap and gently rub the tattoo with your hand until it starts to foam slightly. Then rinse and pat dry. Be careful when using a 'regular' shower gel or soap. These are usually slightly more powerful in removing the skin's protective acid mantle. In normal circumstances, this does not pose a problem, as our body repairs this acidic skin barrier in 3 hours. However, when the skin is open (as with a tattoo), the protective barrier will not recover as quickly, putting you at higher risk of infection. A pH-neutral soap is much milder and will leave the skin's acid barrier intact and reduce the risk of infection. 


4. Keep the wound moist

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! It is extremely important that your tattoo does not dry out. Therefore, apply up to 5x/day a layer of Carl and Johan Regenerating Cream. This tattoo cream forms a barrier against dirt and other invaders and has a soothing effect. A thin layer is enough! If you apply too thick a layer, you will close off the tattoo and make it less able to recover. So don't use the ointment even when your tattoo is still covered with a foil.


5. Do not scratch the tattoo or any scabs.

The C&J Regenerating Cream also has a strong itch-reducing effect and prevents scabs from forming. If small scabs do appear on your tattoo, do not scratch them off. If you pull or scratch them off, some of the ink pigments may come with them, causing spots in your tattoo. Just leave them on until they fall off on their own.


6. No sun!

A new tattoo should definitely be kept out of the sun. Because it is an open wound, it is very sensitive to sunlight and the harmful UV rays. Do not go under a sunbed with a new tattoo either. 


When your tattoo has recovered sufficiently (2-3 weeks), you may go out in the sun with it, but only with a high protection factor. C&J Sun is a sun cream specially developed for tattoos and has a protection factor SPF of 72.5. 


7. Avoid sports and sweating

Do not play sports fanatically for the first few days. Sweat will sting the open wound, which can irritate the tattoo. 


8. How long should you avoid swimming with a tattoo? 

Avoid going into a (public) swimming pool or sauna with your new tattoo for the first few weeks. The water can cause the ink pigments to be pulled out of the skin and swimming pool water contains a lot of bacteria that could infect your tattoo. 

Showering is allowed, of course. But not for too long and preferably not with too hot water, otherwise the tattoo may dry out. 


9. Allergic reaction? 

If you think you have an allergic reaction to the colour pigments, contact your tattoo artist or doctor. An allergic reaction can occur immediately, but this can also happen after several years.


10. Your tattoo is a memory for life. Take good care of it. 

Do you want your tattoo to shine forever? 

Don't forget to take care of it regularly after the acute phase. 

C&J Care products keep your tattoo young, let the colours shine and ensure a lasting clean line. 


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