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1.1 Shipping

C & J works, depending on the country of destination, together with a number of renowned carriers.

You can, save in exceptional cases of crowds, force majeure or any other reason to assume that C & J your order 24 set available after the start of the first working day following your order to the Carrier who in turn will endeavor to it within 72h on you deliver specified address.

Your order can be delivered to an address different from your home address. Deliveries to multiple addresses must be ordered separately.

In Belgium, the Shipping Cost is 3,5 euro. Orders as off 35 euro will be provided free of Shipping Cost.


The transmission of a Physical Gift is free insofar as this is combined with the ordering of products. → not clear what you mean here, you mean that when I buy products for 10 euros and a gift voucher of 25 euros my order is free?

If there is any doubt or uncertainty, please send an email to [email protected]

1.2 Delivery


Here come the modalities around delivery, depending on your shipping partner.

Here is an example, but verify this with your partner: package will be delivered to the address specified by you, if you are not present will package two occasions be relisted.
The shipper will leave a note with the depot where you can collect the package within 14 days after the final offer.

Packets that are not collected within this period will be returned to Carl & Johan, net of shipping and administrative costs, the balance will be refunded within 30 days.

1.3 Return

The consumer has the right to communicate that he renounces the purchase without payment of penalty and without giving a reason within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the product.

If you want to return a product, you first have to request by mail a return agreement number. This can be done: [email protected] (via downloadable form, but is rather cumbersome, print, scan, ...)
Once you receive this number, you have 14 days to return the product to XXXX (address).

Articles that you want to return must be in original, unopened packaging and in pristine condition. Goods that do not meet these conditions, give rise to repayment and remain the property of C & J.
The return of products is at risk and at the expense of the consumer.

Once we receive your return, we'll purchase price and shipping costs (if paid) within 10 days make it back.

-> I would not specify payment of return, ie gives you more freedom.
-> I think it is not legal to pay back only purchase amount, you must also pay back the shipping amount (European legislation e-commerce)


2. Gift Cards & Gift Boxes

01.02 Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be ordered in two values: 25 euros and 40 euros, and can be ordered in multiples to donate eg 65 or 90 euros.

Gift Cards are available in two forms: a digital format and hard copy

The digital gift cards are the special code via an email sent to the email address that specifies the Consumer: either the email address of the recipient, or the consumer's email address.

There are no additional delivery charges.

The hard copy gift cards are packaged in a nice wrapper,

additional charge, you can choose a gift pack.

Gift Card (s), ordered with other products, are sent without additional Shipping cost. (see earlier remark on shipping costs)


02.02 Gift Boxes

Are you looking for an original gift? C & J developed a special gift pack which you fill with products of their own choice.

The format is suitable for containing the third unloading products.


→ do not really mean to me in the FAQ, but come to the page that offers you the choice to stabbing a gift box with your package.

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