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DID YOU KNOW... you can get the perfect tattoo care in only 3 steps!!

DID YOU KNOW... you can get the perfect tattoo care in only 3 steps!!

Step 2: Let your skin recover!

Once the tattoo is in place, the skin will need to recover. This is a crucial phase in the road to the perfect tattoo. The well-balanced and caring C&J Recovery products support the recovery potential of the skin. C&J Regenerating Cream provides a protective barrier and nourishes the skin. With C&J Purifying Soap the tattooed zone is cleansed, giving you the perfect base for the C&J Regenerating Cream.

Over a two-week period, apply a thin layer of C&J Regenerating Cream several times a day.
Four to five applications per day are usually sufficient or whenever the skin feels dry. Ultimate protection is obtained by using C&J Purifying Soap twice a day. As from week 2, gradually reduce the number of applications of C&J Regenerating Cream, switching instead to C&J Pocket Balm.



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